My sculpture from John Woulfe is spectacular. Every time I look at it, I am inspired to reach further,spread my sails,harness more energy and improve on my last detail. It is moving in every sense of the word

Dr Django Nathan


Thank you for a lovely lunch on Sunday, most enjoyable.

John, it is the second time I have visited your workshop and gallery and each time just amazed at how labour intensive and time consuming each of your sculptors is to make and the absolute attention to detail each piece requires. It is a true labour of love. I have one piece that we love and looking forward to adding to the collection. The exhibition of pieces in both the gallery and garden are truly amazing.

I remember the first time I met Christine and had the opportunity to see some of your sculptors just knew I had to have one!


Therese Turner

Thank you both for your hospitality.
I had a wonderful time on Sunday.
I really enjoyed seeing & hearing how John works on projects.
Congratulations on a well put together program for the day. The walk through the garden is inspiring & your lunch was yummy & just the right amount of variety. I couldn't resist the fantastic bread. So now I can blame you for any extra weight!! It was lovely to meet some other clients & potential new ones!

Cheryl Hatch

It is we who should be thanking you for Sunday, and indeed we do. It was a very interesting and enjoyable day, and we met some very interesting people.

The highlights for us were John's presentation in his workshop (and we were flattered that he used Marelle's gum leaves to explain his processes), and the tour of your amazing garden.

We thought the lunch was great - very relaxed, not too many people, and interesting conversations.

We are quite amazed by the amount of work, and the intracacy of the processes, to say nothing of the skills, which are involved in John's work. We love Marelle's gum leaves, which are constantly the source of comment when we have visitors, and we certainly would, and indeed do, speak highly to others of his work.

With all our very best wishes.


Tim & Marelle Peken


I wanted to thank you all for such an interesting and enjoyable day we spent with you on Sunday. Your home and garden were so special and the lunch was delicious.

Our visit to John's workshop was so informative and fascinating - to learn of the craftsmanship and effort that goes into every piece he produces - amazing - and what pride and satisfaction John must feel with his chosen craft.

Tim and I really enjoyed the opportunity to be with you and meet you all.

 Tim and Sue Murray


"I have decided to bring the leaf to Sydney home and mount on living room wall, but the Match Race piece is coming to my office,my colleagues can enjoy the art too.
Both pieces will follow me to Japan when I transfer home.
I have enjoyed every step of the way in securing these pieces. Please convery to John how well his work brings forth various memories for me to enjoy for the rest of my life"

Rick Pawell

"I am extremely fortunate to be an owner of a John Woulfe sculpture. John's stainless steel works showcase his incredible dexterity and mastery of working with an unrelenting medium. His work references the ambition and geometrical discipline of Naum Gabo and with John's background as a shipwright his works beautifully harmonise solid industrial design with natural surrounds. Love your work John - you're a national treasure!"

Joanne Smith

"Thank you for the wonderful luncheon,we now realise how much work and love goes into each piece, I am so proud to own one"

Anne Maree Myer


"My compliments on producing for us such a unique piece John! Thank you also for your outstanding customer service. We are very pleased with the fact that you also provided installation of the sculpture whereby we did not have to source. We are so pleased with the result that we have recommended your work to others."

Nadia Taylor

We first discovered John’s artworks at the Barangaroo Artisan’s Market and were immediately impressed by how beautiful they were.

My partner commissioned a work as a birthday present for me.  Peter found John’s wife, Christine, to be a pleasure to deal with.  She kept him informed of progress (with photos) as the piece was taking shape and was really helpful in organising for it to be delivered at a convenient time.

The end result has exceeded all of our expectations.  It is sublimely beautiful and takes pride of place on our terrace.  It is endlessly fascinating as it captures different light and shade, I couldn’t love it more.

Thank you for sharing your fabulous talent with us.

Nicki 2023


"Hello John and Christine,
I wish to greatly thank you for all your time in showing Shirley and me around your workshop studio and explaining the processes involved in creating your magnificent works of art. I strongly recommend all who have the time and interest to also visit . As you know we are now proud owners of a fish wall feature which is just magnificent, a superb racing yacht table piece and leaves on sandstone. They set off each room they are in  superbly. As your work gets more widely distributed appreciation for the magnificent artistic features they are will inevitably grow.
Keep up the good work as long as possible and thank you both."