Who are we?

We are Team Woulfe

John Woulfe is the artist/traditional shipwright/sailor    

Christine Woulfe is his wife, mother of three and his Marketing manager


- Married for 36 years now,    John and Chris have three children and a beautiful home/ gallery on the central coast. Throughout the years John and Chris have followed each other through a variety of profession changes and adventures, however, nothing quite like their last.  
- Inheriting his mother’s artistic genes,     John’s passion had always been art. Forever suggesting his dream to become a full-time artist to his wife Chris, John was constantly, and sensibly reminded by that it was a crazy idea and that the reality of supporting their “1, 2, 3” (1 House, 2 Cars & 3 Kids), with such a job would never work. Chris hoped that if she told him this enough he would give up…
- In 2002 their lives changed forever…   John was struck down with an extremely aggressive and life threatening case of meningitis.
The realisation of how short life truly is, John asked Christine if they could give a serious go at fulfilling his artistic dream. Without question Christine agreed and promised to support him 100% with whatever he wanted to do .
With their family by their side they worked hard, John designing & creating a body of work and Chris setting up the business design, marketing, sales & more to bring you what is now ‘John Woulfe Design’.  This was all whilst having 3 young kids to manage… 


Easy right!?- 2004, they did it!   Their first ever solo exhibition was held at Hamilton Island during Race week where they had great success. With sales and commissions received, they gained the confidence to continue on with fingers crossed.
- 12 years later…   And neither John nor Chris had ever imagined they would be where they are now, with the kids grown and their very own gallery, John’s works can now be found in both corporate and private collections around the globe including - Argentina (1), UK,(6) USA,(3) Finland,(2) Hong Kong (1), New Zealand (2) & Germany(5) Malta (1)

“If you’re doing what you love, anything is possible!”  - A quote they now live by as their works reach a world renowned status of bespoke excellence.

UNIQUE DESIGN               PASSION                   CRAFTSMANSHIP


Inspired by his life surrounded by the bush and the ocean, John creates bespoke sculptures of unparalleled craftsmanship using rare, iconic Australian timbers. Both free standing or wall hung, his artworks comprise of unique combinations of Australian Red Cedar, Huon Pine, Bluegum or Jarrah with Stainless steel & Sydney sandstone.
Purely handcrafted and designed by no one but John, each piece is 100% bespoke with endless opportunities in terms or size, structure, design, materials and more.
If you have a space that you just can't find that special something for or if you are looking for that unforgettable gift OR If you like nautical art-Yacht Sculpture- Stunning leaf wall hung pieces-John Woulfe can help you with that

John Woulfe design is the perfect balance between class, unique creativity, craftsmanship and wow!

We can work with you to design and create that unforgettable piece that will forever hold its ‘wow factor’. Eye-catching, the works lure people in with their elegant beauty and invite the audience to study and appreciate a craftsman’s detail that painstakingly goes into each piece often taking months to complete as a result.

Be involved in the design process to create to perfect piece for you. And have a unique story to told behind how you became an owner to a bespoke John Woulfe piece.  John is more than happy to work with your interior designers or architects to achieve the ultimate design, installation and position of the artwork for your home or office.


Come and visit John in his workshop/ gallery and discover to the process from raw materials in the workshop, to the range of both freestanding and wall hung masterpieces on display upstairs under lighting in the gallery.
You can than take a wonder up the back through the sculpture garden which backs onto Bouddi National Park.
If you would like to visit the gallery for such an experience simply call Christine on 0407779672 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.to arrange a mutually convenient time for both to do so.


If you are not able to visit the gallery simply call Christine on 0407779672 or send an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.with any enquires and you can proceed from there.